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Joe Foley


Hometown: Leicester MA
Birthdate: 11-23-99
Years in monster trucks: since 2018
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite restaurant: Texas road house
Is monster trucks your main job: all day everyday
Toughest competitor: no idea yet maybe Chris
Hobbies: Snowboarding, riding my Harley, or driving/riding anything with a motor
Best advice to give to a kid who wants to be a monster truck driver: itโ€™s a very difficult job but if you enjoy it stick with it and keep learning
Sentence that best describes being a monster truck driver: By far the coolest and most fun thing you can do
What are the 4 words that best describe you: Relaxed, Excited, Hard working and Friendly
Name one thing you are extremely proud of accomplishing: being able to work for Jim Koehler and Team Scream
Career highlights: Winning freestyle at my monster truck throwdown debut (Sept 2021)
Biggest goal: to make it into the world finals
Favorite stop on tour: Foxboro MA
Favorite vacation spot: Vermont