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Cory Rummell


Hometown: North Jackson, Ohio
Birthdate: 03/15/91
Years in Monster Trucks: Since 2013
Favorite Food: Pulled pork
Favorite Color: Green
What is your favorite restaurant? Any Italian restaurant
Is Monster Truck is your main job? Yes monster trucks is my full time job
Toughest Competitor: Myself. I sometimes try and beat myself to become beter
Hobbies: Riding my jetski, scuba diving, riding my minibike, working on my mud truck
Best Advice to kids who want to become monster truck drivers : Keep following your dreams
Sentence that best describes being a monster truck driver: Having the best job in the world following my dreams and the thrill of flying through the air is awesome
What are the 4 words that best describe you : Hard working, self motivated, adrenaline junkie, motor head
Name one thing you are extremely proud of accomplishing: Just getting the opportunity to compete in Monster Jam
Career highlights?: I am proud of completing the first ever mega truck backflip. Winning the 2018 Monster Jam Double Down Showdown !
What gets you pumped to compete: Just the chance to strap in tight in the seat and put on a great show and learn new things
What is your biggest goal? Racing? Freestyle? Other?: Racing and freestyle are both my biggest goals I want to be a all around great driver
What’s your favorite stop on the tour? Las Vegas
What is your favorite vacation spot? Florida

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2020 Monster Jam artwork

2013: Completed the first ever mega truck backflip in his mega truck Going Deep
2018: Monster Jam Double Down Showdown Champion!
2018: Nominated for Stadium Two-Wheel Skills Award and Crash Madness Award
2019: Won the Technician of the Year award and the Extreme Air award!
2022: Breakout Driver of the Year