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    I want to become a monster truck driver, where should I start?
    Most drivers got started in the industry as crew members. The best way to start would be to go to school to be a mechanic, and get your CDL (Commercial driver license). You can also get in touch with teams that have their shop close to your house and offer your help as a volunteer at their shop, or at local shows. We are NOT looking for any drivers at the moment. Thank you.

    I want to crew for Team Scream, what should I do?
    We are not looking for any new crew members at the moment. However, if you are at a show (especially summer shows) and you want to help out, come see us in the pits and talk to Jim about it. (This does NOT apply for Monster Jam shows and please keep in mind that most promoters require to be 18 years old to be in the pits). We are NOT looking for any crew members at the moment. Thank you.

    Will Team Scream debut a new truck soon ?
    If we would, we wouldn’t tell you ! hahaha!  We will update our website and social media platforms when we have breaking news! Don’t worry, you will know about it… at the same time as everyone else!

    What color will Avenger be at the next World Finals?
    Well first of all, we never know for sure that we will be going to the World Finals till Monster Jam makes the announcement couple weeks prior to the show. We already have lots of ideas for the next couple times we would be at the World Finals, however even if you torture us, we will not tell you what they are! Be patient!

    Can I get free autographs and free shirts?
    We would love to say yes to everyone asking for free merchandise, however we pay for everything ourselves and selling merchandise helps to pay some of the cost of operations. (Website hosting, the merchandise itself, transport, etc) We have a budget every year for charity, but for all the other request, unfortunately we can’t say yes to everyone. Thank you for understanding!

    Do you offer shop tours?
    Unfortunately we do not offer shop tours at the moment. We will update this answer if this changes.