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DRIVER: Cory Rummell 
BODY: Chevrolet S-10
CHASSIS: Custom tube chassis built by Cory Rummell in 2016
ENGINE: Alcohol injected 565 Big Block Chevy with 8-71 blower
HEIGHT: 12’7″ feet wide, 10 feet tall
WEIGHT: 12 000 pounds
TIRES: 66 Inch Michelin radial
SHOCKS: Nitrogen Charged PEI Fronts 26″ Rears, 30″
TRANSFER CASE: Profab Quick Change
WHEELS: Lightweight monster truck rims
TRANSMISSION: Chevy turbo 400 transmission
AXLES: Custom fabrication Rockwell F-106s

Rage’s History
Newest member of Team Scream, “Rage” made its debut in 2015 as a Monster Truck Throwdown concept. Cory then decided to keep running the name! He built his brand new chassis in 2015 and the new truck was unveiled in Toronto in 2016.
2018: For first quarter 2018 the truck will be run as Pirate’s Curse.